The Celebrating Children course is designed to equip people to work more effectively with children living in difficult circumstances of loss, trauma and abuse around the world.

This website is designed to help trainers who provide training for Christians working with children at risk. The site provides an introduction to the course, information to help you assess whether the course is the right thing for your situation and makes available for download extensive resources used in delivering the course.

Presenting & Administering the Course

Lots of practical information about managing and running the course including:

  • budgeting & planning
  • presenting the course
  • accreditation
  • assessing students More...

Could We Run the Celebrating Children Course?

Get an indication of the benefits of running the course and of the work involved. More...

Course Modules

Review and download all the materials used in the Celebrating Children Course.

Materials are available in English. More...

See the list of advance and follow-on courses around the world here

In 1997 Viva Network held its first international conference in the UK. At this conference a group of trainers across organizations came together to share common concerns and needs. More...

The Celebrating Children book
edited by Glenn Miles and
Josephine-Joy Wright is a great
resource book for trainers
of the course and is available
through good Christian book
stores and also here or here.

Celebrating Children was developed by Viva Network by a consortium of trainers and practitioners for Christians working in childcare in NGO's and churches.

The main donors that have made possible this website and the ongoing development of the Celebrating Children training initiative are Viva, Tearfund UK, Compassion International and Love146.